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Director’s Cut

Words of intent from BlueKit Medical’s founding Director, Rajen Pathan: So what is BlueKit Medical? Well, put simply, it’s a shared response. A response to what? For us, it was a very real response to the increasing demands to improve operating theatre efficiency: to reduce costs, increase quality and, what’s more, maximize end results for medical professionals and patients. Why? We’ve been in the thick of it, experiencing that very real need to think fast, act fast and move safely  –  and those of us working in operating theatre wanted to see solutions.  That’s when BlueKit was born; the idea was a perfectly produced procedural kit, designed to meet the… Read More →

Never Events: Not on my count

This article has also appeared on It’s a confronting term; one that engenders a profound sense of unease.  The ‘never’ conjures the unthinkable: disturbing events that just shouldn’t take place.  And in the context of medical practice, it’s wholly unnerving. Whilst it’s difficult for most of us to even begin to imagine, we are indebted to those that consider, monitor and seek to minimise what we rightly and effectively term, ‘never events.’ Though we could suggest the hard truth is that never events are impossible to make absolutely and entirely avoidable, we have every reason to strive for this, and preventative measures, reinforced by best practice, can certainly lead to… Read More →

Meditation: A Calm Mind in the Workplace

Is it necessary and why? Meditation can be best described as, “A family of complex emotional and attentional regulatory training regimes developed for various ends, including the cultivation of well-being and emotional balance.” It always sounds so simple and so promising; but when we’re all pressed to perform on the money-train devoutly driving western society, it’s hard to find and take the time to dedicate to ourselves, independent of outside expectations. Yet for this very reason, the driving pressures, fast-paced performance and constant concerns that come with our way of living, we could desperately do with any opportunity that might cultivate ‘well-being and emotional balance.’ At the very least, meditation… Read More →

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