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Many Hands Make Light Work

A helping hand with assessment for learning If you’ve read our news item: How BlueKit Nurture New and Existing Relationships, you’ll know that we allocate some of our time to reaching out to others to explore collaborative opportunities. Professional development is largely exclusive to big organisations, yet smaller businesses and organisations yearn for that too. Forget the bureaucratic paperwork that keeps the human resources department on the winning side of employee disputes, we’re talking about the genuine desire to explore your art, generate fresh ideas and discover new angles. We’re also talking about a real opportunity to appraise your own work; even schools encourage students to consider the, WWWs: What… Read More →

Dr Nicolas Tonello, Director of Constelcom Ltd. Rebecca Porter, BlueKit Medical Dr Serhiy Kovela, Senior Lecturer at Kingston Business School.

How BlueKit Nurture New and Existing Relationships

In this photo: Dr Nicolas Tonello, Director of Constelcom Ltd. Rebecca Porter, Managing Director of BlueKit Medical. Dr Serhiy Kovela, Senior Lecturer at Kingston Business School. In many skilled professions, the sharing of experiences is part and parcel of professional development.  Constructively, we gather in skill-based groups with like-minded individuals to elaborate on progress: who’s doing what and what’s new, and how can we collaborate to broaden our experiences and expand our knowledge? Sharing experience is as vitally important in business: enjoying the opportunity to sit around a table, or share a conference hall, away from desk-based hazards and circling colleagues.  Yet quite often, new businesses exist instead in a… Read More →

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Open for Business: Harmonising Standards and Regulations across the Healthcare Industry

We were recently invited to provide a case study for BritishAmerican Business (BAB), a transatlantic network supporting trade relations between the US and UK. The approach we chose to take was one that enabled us to share our predilection for collaborative working relationships.  We like things that make it easier for us to work together on a global scale; why not extend our community?  Yet we remain mindful that this must always be in the interests of providing access to improved commodities and service delivery. In this case study we explore how and why a collaborative approach to global trade can work in support of best practice and continued improvement… Read More →

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