With the support of yourcitysaysno, a nationwide organisation that aims to contribute to the ongoing work to prevent serious youth violence and raise aspirations of young people in our communities, BlueKit Medical and Salvas Learning have partnered to deliver the Bleed Control Kit & #ZeroResponder Bleed Control Workshop. This workshop will take place on the 4th March to train Islington Council in how to use the Bleed Control Kits in support of saving lives in the local community.

The combined experience of both BlueKit Medical and Salvas Learning led to the creation of both the bleed control kits and the complimentary #ZeroResponder bleed control workshop which provides training that can save lives and knowledge to help control bleeding in any situation such as a road traffic/workplace accident, or even terrorist attacks.

This training will prove most valuable immediately after a critical incident occurs before first responders (emergency medical professionals) can safely arrive at the scene of the incident.  

The #ZeroResponder Bleed Control Kits contain essential equipment to stop life-threatening bleeding. This includes items such as tourniquets, gauze for packing wounds, emergency trauma bandages, and scissors to remove clothing to access injuries. The demand to train as much of the population as possible, including staff working within the hospitality industry at highly populated events and similar occasions, is imperative in reducing the unnecessary loss of life in the UK.

Whether you're a large organisation or a conscious individual, come and find out what we can do to help at www.bleedcontrolkit.co.uk.

Author: Bailey Harris & Jack Norman