Surgical Instruments

Adson Dissecting Forceps


Adson Dissecting Forceps are often used in plastic surgery for fine dissection, now becoming increasingly popular with all types of surgery. These forceps are either toothed or non-toothed with a...

Allis Tissue Forceps


Allis Tissue Forceps are also referred to as an Allis Clamp: this is a commonly used surgical instrument used for grasping tissue, fascia and tendons. View / Download Instructions For...

Alms Retractor


BKM-IID2117 - Retractor, Alms, 7cm BKM-IID21110 - Retractor, Alms, 10cm View / Download Instructions For Use  If Currently Unavailable Online                         ...

Artery Forceps, Halsted, Mosquito


Mosquito Artery Forceps are small, straight or curved forceps with a ratchet.  These forceps are used in general surgery to hold delicate tissue or to employ haemostasis. View / Download...

Artery Forceps, Spencer Wells, Standard


Spencer Wells Artery Forceps have become the standard pair of forceps used in abdominal surgery, employed to compress the artery, seal small blood vessels or keep the artery out of...

Blacks Nail File


The Black's File is a hand-held instrument terminating in a minute file/ rasp.  A tool in Podiatry, it is used to abrade the outer border of a nail plate, or...

Blade Handle, Scalpel Handle


BlueKit offers a range of Scalpel Handles; discover the most efficient, proficient, safe and cost-effective choice for you. Scalpel Handle, Size No. 3, 12.5cm / Scalpel Handle, Size No. 4, 13.5cm...

Chalazion Eyelid Forceps


Eye Forceps are a fine and delicate pair of forceps used for the removal of Chalazions, a cyst that has developed in the eyelid.  Eye Forceps, Chalazion Eyelid Forceps View...

Cheron Forceps


Cheron Forceps are a type of Dressing Forcep, commonly used for holding swabs and dressings for uterine procedures.  Cheron forceps are a useful grasping tool in gynaecological procedure.  Cheron Forceps,...

Corn Rasp


Made of high-grade stainless steel, the Corn Rasp is effective at removing hard skin, corns, and calluses. Corn Rasp, 16cm View / Download Instructions For Use If Currently Unavailable Online ...

Curette, Eye, Double Ended


Made of high-grade stainless steel, the Double Ended Curette is a hand instrument used in Podiatry.  Curette, Willinger Scoop, Double Ended, 1mm Scoop with Hole & 2mm Scoop with Hole...

Curette, Willinger Scoop, Double Ended


Made of high-grade stainless steel, the Double Ended Curette is a hand instrument used in Podiatry.  Curette, Willinger Scoop, Double Ended, 1mm Scoop with Hole & 2mm Scoop with Hole...

Derf Needle Holder


Needle Holder, Derf, 12.5cm The Derf Needle Holder features delicate serrations and short jaws to hold small needles and frequently 5.0 and 6.0 sutures.  Used for delicate procedures, the Derf...

Diamond-style Foot Dresser


Used in Podiatry for the general care of feet and nails, the Diamond-style Foot Dresser is used to reduce hard skin and nails. Diamond-style Foot Dresser, 20cm View / Download...

Dissecting Forceps, Gillies


Gillies Dissecting Forceps are toothed dissecting forceps for general use on tougher tissues. The addition of teeth mean less pressure is required to adequately grip tough tissue such as skin. ...

Dissecting Forceps, Lanes, Toothed

£2.51 £7.77

The Lane Dissecting Forceps are typically used for dissecting larger and tougher tissues, such as cartilage and fascia. Dissecting Forceps, Lanes, Toothed, 18cmDissecting Forceps, Lanes, Toothed, 14cm View / Download...

Dissecting Forceps, McIndoe


McIndoe Dissecting Forceps, designed by the plastic surgeon, Archibald McIndoe CBE, are non-toothed forceps with vertical ridges on each side of the arms, used for holding blood vessels or nerves...

Dissecting Forceps, Micro


Micro-dissecting Forceps are used for delicate grasping of tissue or follicles in hair transplant procedures.  BlueKit is working closely with clinicians to refine its instruments in this field to offer...

Dissecting Forceps, Treves

£2.68 £2.91

Treves Dissecting Forceps are stronger toothed forceps, used for tougher tissues like fascia and muscle. View / Download Instructions For Use If Currently Unavailable Online           ...

Dissector, MacDonald, Double-Ended (McDonald)


The MacDonald Dissector (also found as the McDonald Dissector) is used to tease soft tissues away from major structures, as well as being used as a lever to hold tissues...

Double Ended Spatula


This Hand Instrument is made of high-grade stainless steel and is used in Podiatry as a nail elevator.  View / Download Instructions For Use If Currently Unavailable Online     ...

Dressing Scissors

£2.45 £2.53

Dressing Scissors are used for a variety of purposes and are most commonly used for cutting dressings and bandages.  Also referred to as Nurses Dressing Scissors.  BlueKit Medical offers cost-effective...

Forceps, Pozzi


Pozzi Forceps are used in gynaecological procedures, typically used to grip blood vessels or to steady the cervix and uterus. The sharp pointed hooks at the tips hold different parts...

Fue Punch, with Collar


Disposable Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Punch with Collar BlueKit produces a disposable Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Punch: a far safer alternative to its reusable counter-part.  With such a small device,...

Single-Use and Reusable Surgical Instruments made from high-grade surgical stainless steel for professional use in operating theatres and clinics, offering exceptional quality and certified conformity. We are pleased to champion our products with our logo etched upon all BlueKit Medical instruments. Single-Use Instruments:

All our products are packed and sterilised in the UK, available for NHS and private sector clinics. You can order our instruments as a standalone item or as part of a custom surgical procedure tray, containing selected surgical instruments and wound care products complete for your given procedure. For Reusable Instruments, please do get in touch to discuss availability.

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