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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some of our most Frequenlty Asked Questions.

1. Who are BlueKit Medical?

We are a dedicated Company committed to providing superior quality procedure packs to surgical professionals. BlueKit Medical currently combines the resources and expertise of a group of manufacturers and top clinicians to provide the best quality products. From the start, BlueKit Medical has based its development on innovation in operation, creativity and initiative.

2. Where are Blue Kit Medical Based in the UK?

BlueKit Medical is based in Surrey and our associate packaging and sterilizing companies are based in Sheffield. Once our sets and procedure packs are sterilized and boxed, they are ready to ship directly from Sheffield or Surrey to any part of the country.

3. Who do we supply to in the UK?

BlueKit Medical is a young company already involved in supplying to the NHS and Private Sectors: we are currently engaged in negotiating procurement contracts with several bodies. We have representation in Norway and Ukraine and are at present in negotiation with other countries.

4. What are the advantages of using BlueKit Procedures Packs?

By outsourcing exact devices and parts for the assembly of our procedure packs, we strive to deliver efficiency; thereby enabling us to achieve the following:

  • Reducing the time of setting up.
  • Reducing the stock holding space and cost.
  • Improving aseptic transfer.
  • Reducing number of suppliers.
  • Optimizing staff usage.
  • Reducing wastage.
5. What about customized packs?

BlueKit Medical also offers custom-made procedure packs for various surgical procedures according to the client’s needs and preferences. This has the potential advantage of reduced ordering and administrative costs and will guarantee a reduction in clinical waste. All packs are CE marked with complete traceability labels and specification list.

6. What are the qualities of products used in BlueKit Medical Procedure Packs?

All our instruments and consumables are manufactured to the highest standard and our associate manufacturing companies are all ISO compliant. All BlueKit Medical instruments are CE marked. We are proud to assert our conformity to essential requirements and move further still to enhance our products to lead the way in creative process: respectively, we are pleased to champion our products with our logo etched upon all of our instruments.

We physically inspect, ultrasonically wash and dry our instruments before any packaging process and sterilization: our packages are in perfect condition when they arrive at their destination.

7. What are the advantages of BlueKit Medical single-use drapes?

BlueKit Medical drapes are designed according to our specific standards, establishing and maintaining a sterile field without compromise. It has been vital for BlueKit Medical to achieve and provide a reliable drape that is comparable to the elite. The type of drape material we use is as follows: A) Foliodrape Comfort, three-layer, with an outermost low-particle viscose-nonwoven in 3D “orange skin structure” (1) for rapid absorbtion of fluids, an absolutely germproof intermediate layer of polyethylene film (2) for the bottom layer of soft polypropylene nonwoven (3) for greater patient comfort; B) Foliodrape Protect, two kayer, consisting of a lower impermeable layer of polyethylene film (5) and an SMS (Spunbound – Meltblown – Spunbound) surface layer with anti-blood, anti-alcohol, anti-static treatment, (4) which binds fluid quickly, drapes well and has a low number of particles.

8. What quality regulations does BlueKit Medical adhere to?

Our high standards and dedication to detail are reflected throughout BlueKit Medical, beginning with our registration with MHRA for Medical Devices Regulations and our manufacturing partners adherence to ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and CE marking, through to our quality control, packaging, sterilization and onward supply to end users.

9. What type of delivery service does BlueKit Medical offer?

BlueKit Medical offers various delivery options depending on our customer’s requirements.

  • Standing order – A predetermined stock level is set and then a regular number of packs are delivered to the customer on a regular basis.
  • Customer order – Customer checks stock on a regular basis and then orders replacement stock to reflect actual requirements.
10. Is there a BlueKit Medical representative to assist us?

As part of the procedure packs contract you will be assigned an Account Manager. Their role is to communicate with personnel within your organization and maintain a high level of service. They will help you to manage your requirements by monitoring your usage and stock levels.

11. Does BlueKit Medical provide any training?

In view of our desired outcome, we aim to support and educate in the field of infection control and personal protection, offering attention to the many interesting challenges met by staff on a daily basis.

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