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Knee Arthroscopy Pack.


Product Description

Knee Arthroscopy Pack

Sterile Single Use
Latex Free

What’s in the pack?

1 x Lower Extremity Adhesive Drape 230 x 315cm
1 x Table Cover 150 x 180cm
1 x Medium Drape 175 x 150cm
1 x Small Adhesive Drape 75 x 75cm
1 x Split Sheet 200 x 150cm
1 x Op-Tape Adhesive 9 x 49cm
2 x Hand Crepe Paper towels 40 x 40cm
1 x Camera Drape Cover Clear
1 x Stockinette Unbleached 10cm x 1.5 m
1 x Crepe Bandage 100% cotton 15cm 6”
1 x Bandage Orthocast 15cm 2.75m
1 x Tube Suction Connecting 8mm x 3m ffm
1 x Irrigation Set, Y-Type, Arthroscopy
1 x Polypropylene Kidney Dish 10” 800ml
2 x Gallipots 280ml
2 x Swabs XRD 10 x 7.5cm 32Ply (Tape in 5)

Product Characteristic:
1st Layer: Viscose Nonwoven, 28gsm
2nd Layer: Pe Film,28gsm
3rd Layer: Pp Nonwoven Fabric, 18gsm
Adhesive: 5gsm
Total: 80gsm
Latex Free. Covered With Siliconed Paper

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