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Rampley Sponge Holder.


Product Description

Rampley Sponge Holder

Sterile Single Use

Bluekit Medical offers a range of surgical instruments made of high quality stainless steel for use in the operating theatres and clinics.

The Rampley Sponge Holder is commonly used to hold a swab, which can be used to prep the skin before the operation and then discarded. A swab can also be wrapped around the jaws of the sponge holder and use to dissect, to dab bleeding points or to delicately retract soft organs or tissue – the so called “swab-on-a-stick”.

We provide Single-Use and Re-usable Rampley Sponge Holders in various sizes.
Single-Use Instruments.
• High quality Surgical Stainless Steel
• Lower cost alternative to reprocessing re-usable instruments
• Protection against cross infection
• Compliance with Medical Devices Directive.

All of our products are packed and sterilized in the UK and supplied to the NHS and private sector clinics. You can order this product as a standalone item or as part of a custom surgical procedure pack containing selected surgical instruments and wound care products complete for your given procedure.

What’s in the pack?

1 x Rampley Sponge Holder

Also available

Rampley Sponge Holder 24 cm BKM/ IID 015
Single-Use Stainless Steel
Individually packed Sterile Ready for use. Box of 20

Rampley Sponge Holder 18cm BKM/ IID 086
Single-Use stainless Steel
Individually packed Sterile Ready for use. Box of 20

Rampley Sponge Holder 24 cm BKM/ II 087
Reusable Stainless Steel Quality Instruments

Rampley Sponge Holder 18cm BKM/ II 088
Reusable Stainless Steel Qaulity Instruments

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